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Users’ stories

“This has tremendous potential,” I clearly remember thinking to myself when I was first introduced to New Cabri in 2010. (…) I entered the mathematics education field, in large part, because I wanted to find ways to better communicate the beauty, power, and purposefulness of mathematics to elementary and high school students. (…)

With New Cabri, I have been able to create tasks that better promote understanding of the utility of mathematics than ever before. (…)

The Number Stories team often discusses the elimination of the need for a programmer as the biggest benefit of New Cabri. This benefit has indeed cut weeks and perhaps months off of our development cycles, but the power of the authoring interface goes beyond time saved. Not only does New Cabri allow educators to create innovative tasks for students, it turns the activity development process into a tremendous learning experience for the educator. (…)”

Katie Rich, - Writter for Everyday Mathematics collection of Mc Graw Hill & digital curriculum programmer for CEMSE (États-Unis)

“If someone tells me I have to stop using Cabri, I would actually have to ask them what else is there ? Because there is nothing better than Cabri.”

Geometry teacher, Canada

“Children with special needs in mathematics finally make progress. With Cabri, they go on to show other students how it is done!”

School teacher, Tessin, Suisse

“I have integrated the use of Cabri with great success as an essential element in my program with respect to the development of self confidence and the understanding of mathematics.”

Dr Stephen Arnold, Australie

“You can do no wrong using Cabri. Students can develop their mathematical reasoning and logic and may even discover things that the teacher hadn’t considered.”

Lil Engström - Associate Professor, Sweden

“Cabri is at the center of my research activities. It is a mine of questions for educational instruction. I currently use it to involve students in work that is more than just copying demonstrations.”

Sophie Soury-Lavergne - Lecturer and Professor at IUFM, France

“Cabri software is so easy to use that any person who can use use a mouse is able to learn to use the basic tools for learning by the end of a single lesson.”

Bernardo Camou - Geometry teacher, Uruguay

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