Volumes and measurements in Cabri 3D

//Volumes and measurements in Cabri 3D
Volumes and measurements in Cabri 3D2018-04-23T15:49:54+00:00

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Puissance NVO

Example of mathematical activity done with Cabri Express. A group of giant superheroes like to hang out in the Sonoran Desert as an adult. It takes them 2 years to reach their maximum gigantic [...]


Tower story with Cabri Express

Example of activity produced on Cabri Express: A ball dropped from the top of the Eiffel Tower hits the ground after a few seconds. Someone from New York wants to throw a ball from [...]


Food story with Cabri Express

After a natural disaster in a distant country, an association decides to send basic food cartons. All boxes are made from identical square cardboard sheets. How to find the dimensions of a box? Discover [...]


Taylor Story

Taylor polynomials give rise to long formulas which are not immediately self evident. With Cabri Express, one can easily visualize the Taylor polynomials of a function and explore at which accuracy they approximate this [...]

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