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Cabri II Plus, the software serving pedagogy

Cabri is the interactive notebook for the construction of geometrical figures!
With a display very similar to that of current office-type software, Cabri II Plus offers the user a structured and intuitive interface.

All secondary school level mathematics… at your fingertips!

In a few clicks, create geometric and numerical constructions: transformations, measurements and calculus, tables and graphical representations, expressions and equations…

Abstract concepts become clear and your students become engaged in mathematical thinking: exploring and making conjectures, reasoning and proving, problem-solving, auto-evaluating…

Student working on Cabri II Plus activity on a laptop

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Manual / Examples / Tutorials

Download Cabri 3D manual (PDF) and discover the main functionalities of Cabri 3D through a large number of real examples for secondary in Cabri 3D gallery.

Download Cabri II Plus manual (PDF) and discover in details all possibilities offered by Cabri II Plus learn and explore the exciting world of dynamic geometry in Reference document (PDF).

Download Cabri 3D tutorial (ZIP- 41 Mo).

Download Cabri II Plus advanced tutorial (PDF).

The use of Cabri’s software is done under the following licensing contract:
Cabri 3D user’s license (PDF)
Cabri II Plus user’s license (PDF)

System requirements

To use Cabri II Plus, users must have a computer with the following minimum requirement:

PC Mac
Cabri II Plus requires Win XP, Vista, 7 or higher
Recommended: 800Mhz or higher processor, 256MB RAM, OpenGL compatible graphics card with 64MB RAM or more
Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

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