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1 2 3… Cabri for all students in primary schools

Studies have shown that students learn better when they can touched and manipulated mathematics. It is this principle of « direct manipulation » of mathematical objects that is applied by Cabri Elem, Cabri software technology supported by the Multimedia Commission of the French Ministry of Education.

Designed by educators to engage the student and make him fully involved in his learning, this collection of interactive activity books has been developed to meet in a simple way the educational needs of primary school students.

Students using 1 2 3... Cabri

1 2 3… Cabri was developed to respond in a simple way to the educational needs of all students

Discover the collection of interactive notebooks1 2 3… Cabri

Try for free 1 2 3… Cabri for 30 days

For PC

Choose the offer you want

The license concerns one computer installation during one year.

1st grade

23€ ex VAT/year

2nd grade

23€ ex VAT/year

3rd grade

23€ ex VAT/year

4th grade

23€ ex VAT/year

5th grade

23€ ex VAT/year

System requirements

To use 1 2 3… Cabri users must have a computer with the following minimum requirement:

PC Mac

1 2 3… Cabri requires Win XP, Vista, 7 or higher

OpenGL compatible graphics card

Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher must be installed on the computer.
Internet access will be with Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 4 or higher, Safari 4 or higher.

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