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Cabri II Plus, the software serving pedagogy

Cabri is the interactive notebook for the construction of geometrical figures!
With a display very similar to that of current office-type software, Cabri II Plus offers the user a structured and intuitive interface.

All secondary school level mathematics… at your fingertips!

In a few clicks, create geometric and numerical constructions: transformations, measurements and calculus, tables and graphical representations, expressions and equations…

Abstract concepts become clear and your students become engaged in mathematical thinking: exploring and making conjectures, reasoning and proving, problem-solving, auto-evaluating…

Student working on Cabri II Plus activity on a laptop

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System requirements

To use Cabri II Plus, users must have a computer with the following minimum requirement:

PC Mac
Cabri 3Dv2.1 Windows requires Win XP/Vista/7.
Recommended: 800Mhz or higher processor, 256MB RAM, OpenGL compatible graphics card with 64MB RAM or more.
Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

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