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New Cabri, the revolution in mathematical educational content creation

This authoring tool is an intuitive and agile environment for creating responsive learning objects, independent micro-worlds, interactive MOOCs, and standalone digital resources.

New Cabri is more than software,
it’s a powerful authoring tool for creating rich and interactive content in math and science

Discover the many features offered by New Cabri for an active pedagogy

Fonctionnalités de Nouveau Cabri

And also

  • Tools to evaluate students and track their results, such as the creation of multiple choice quizzes

  • An accompaniment by the Cabri team which helps you and guides you in your educational creations

  • All media compatibility (computers, tablets)

Rate varies according to the number of users

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System requirements

To use New Cabri, users must have a computer with the following minimum requirement:

PC Mac

Requires Win Vista, 7 or higher
Recommended: 800Mhz or higher processor, 256MB RAM, OpenGL compatible graphics card with 64MB RAM or more

Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

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