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Until now three-dimensional geometry was difficult to teach – the complexity of designs in perspective, models that are difficult and time-consuming to construct… Cabri 3D is the only program that enables you to alleviate these construction difficulties and that also contains the benefits of interactive geometry.

Cabri 3D was awarded for the best resource in the category “Principal subjects of secondary” in 2007 at the BETT (British Education and Training Technology) – a ceremony that distinguishes the most innovative and performing resources in the Information and Communication Technologies for Teaching and Learning.

Elèves dans une classe répondant à une enseignante sur le logiciel Cabri 3D

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Cabri 3D is offered under different licenses that suit your needs.

The software includes 24 languages ​​- Available for Windows and Mac.

The download includes a handbook, 70 classroom activities and numerous tutorials and examples online.

The use of Cabri’s software is done under the following licensing contract:
PDF format file: Cabri 3D user’s license

1-year license

25€ ex VAT
  • Valid for 12 months

Unlimited period

75€ ex VAT
  • Installation on one computer

Special pack including Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D

Discount price for this combination of the two main Cabri applications for secondary school: Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D.

A must have for students who want to explore math and science in a simple and pedagogical way and gain a deep understanding of 2D/3D math concepts.

1-year license

50€ HT
  • Valid for 12 months

Single user licenses

160€ HT
  • Installation on one computer

System requirements

To use Cabri 3D, users must have a computer with the following minimum requirement:

PC Mac
Cabri 3Dv2.1 Windows requires Win XP/Vista/7.
Recommended: 800Mhz or higher processor, 256MB RAM, OpenGL compatible graphics card with 64MB RAM or more.
Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

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